Hatalmas teniszlabdával lepték meg ezt a kutyust – Látnod kell a reakcióját!

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Maddox egy 3 éves pitbull kutyus, aki sajnos még gazdira vár egy menhelyen. Egy szomszédos állateledelt és kisállatkellékeket árusító bolt hatalmas meglepetést küldött neki: egy óriási teniszlabdát! Alig tudta visszafogni örömét, meg is értjük teljesen.

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Giant Tennis Ball Fun with Maddox!

Maddox loves chasing a tennis ball, but this is just ridiculous! Our friends at Lacey Pet Supply gave us this extra special tennis ball for the real ball enthusiasts, and Maddox just couldn't get enough of it! Read about Maddox below then come in and meet this fun-loving goofball!

Maddox is a 3 year old pittie that was turned in by his owner who said he could no longer care for him. It was obvious that it had been a long time since anyone had taken care of Maddox by the looks of him.Poor Maddox was rail thin, his skin was in terrible condition and his hair was falling out. It took about a month to get this sweet boy back in shape but now, Maddox is positively thriving and is ready to meet the family that will make his dreams of a good home a reality. Maddox is a friendly and outgoing little guy that does the whole body-wiggle as soon as you start talking to him. Give him a toy and you're his best friend for life! Maddox has a ball carrying around and squeaking toys, running in our exercise yard, and just making friends and enjoying life. It really doesn't take much to make him happy. Maddox is well behaved, sits and lies down immediately when asked, and is very gentle while taking treats. All this and he's good with other dogs and kids too. What more could you ask for? File#25944 2/1/16
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Közzétette: Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter – 2016. március 31.

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